The Studio is dedicated to creative and sustainable initiatives, with a “lean” approach.

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Republica del Mar - donXavier.Studio

República del Mar

Celebrate life (by the sea).

Discover, book and sail with República del Mar. The Yacht Club reinvented.

Orden of the Chile - donXavier.Studio

The Order of the Chile

Sworn to expand and protect knowledge around Capsaicin.

The hottest gift you'll get.

eToro - donXavier.Studio


eToro gives you the possibility to 'copy' a trader.

The best way to invest in the stock market without spending the time a dedicated trader puts in front of the screen.

Gecaro Pack - donXavier.Studio

Gecaro Pack

Connecting LatAm and the Caribbean with the world.

GECARO LLC is a logistic operator located in Florida, with presence in 5 countries (and counting).

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